Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Problem with Chex Mix

The problem with Chex Mix is that although it may contain 60% less fat than potato chips, it still contains fat, and is still not the most healthy food around.

Back in the day (college), I was way more strict with myself about food. I wouldn't buy chips (although I did go through a pita chip phase during grad school). I would limit myself to one sweet thing a day. This lasted until a very stressful phase in grad school where I dropped to 124 lbs., and my doctor commanded me to eat more per day (this is when the pita chip obsession began - also my love of bagels with a TON of cream cheese on them). I ended up gaining back the weight, due to my wonderful husband's love, not the food. But I never went back to my strict policies with myself.

Which is unfortunate, because, while at a game night two weekends ago, the hosts offered us Chex Mix. Never before have I enjoyed Chex Mix so much. And now a bag of it is sitting in the pantry, calling to me, singing me its siren snacking song.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Props to Avril Lavigne and Howie Day

...and a shout out to minor contributions from Dave Matthews' Band, Keane, and Billy Joel for helping me complete two successful months on the elliptical machine 3X/week for 30 minutes at a time.

After the asthma nightmare that lasted for months last summer and fall, I'm happy to be back doing more than walking the dog around our hilly neighborhood. And my lungs are feeling healthy and strong.

Woo-hoo health! And bring on the pollen!!!