Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm not exactly sure when the exhaustion ends. There are so many responsibilities right now. I need to:

1) find some way to collect my dissertation data (I'm almost there with this one, but the last day of the public schools is 5/24, so I'm down to the wire)
2) publish something?
3) be a good teacher, when I'm frustrated at half my class for putting in sub par work while expecting an "A" or a "B" (incidentally, this makes me want to scream sometimes)
4) plan a wedding with my mother while coping with family issues
5) figure out what said "family issues" are (this is not a quick process)
6) try to spend some quality time with the fiancee (which is getting harder and harder to do as the stress mounts up)
7) continue the ongoing saga of "Cat/Dog Summit," in which we get the animals together for a nice sit down (in actuality, this is when the dog runs around like a spaz, and the cats cower on my lap for awhile, while getting intermittently "kissed" by the dog; however, they all have come a long way on this (i.e., they can all lie peacefully next to eachother for 15-30 minutes, the cats just can't really move without the dog spazing again))
8) exercise?
9) keep the headaches under control?
10) find time to breathe? (at least I stick to my yoga routine every morning)

I'm tired. Everything will undoubtedly look better in the morning. Hopefully...
Otherwise, I might need to change my name from Practicing Idealist to Practicing "Something Else."


TDEC said...

Sounds like you need a hug, so *hug*. And talk to people you trust. Talking helps.

Practicing Idealist said...

Thanks, TDEC. I appreciate the virtual hug. : )

Beth said...

sleep is good - breathing is good. And know that you aren't alone in your craziness and that you will get through!

I mean, just a few short months ago, did you ever think the cat/dog summit would even sit down?

What awesome power you have!