Tuesday, May 1, 2007

No Motivation


I have two wonderful, wonderful friends who looked at me in the wedding dress, and made me feel like a princess with their comments! Life is looking up.

Thank you, gals!!!


Tally of what I've done today:

1) I have graded 5 (of 40 papers).
2) I have done one load of laudry, but not yet folded it up (although it is dry).
3) I have messed around with Flickr (which was enjoyable, but not "workwise" productive).
4) I have picked up my wedding dress from USPS.
5) I have tried on said wedding dress.
6) I have sat morosely staring at old photos of me when I was one-two sizes smaller (after trying on said wedding dress).

I'm kind of in a daze, partly due to the lateness of the semester I'm sure, but also because I think I'm trying to stave off my growing disappointment with the dress. Why is it that being a nice, healthy, normal size is not enough?

Ugh. Back to grading...


Beth said...

You are beautiful. And I should know! I've seen! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!


TDEC said...

Wedding dress anxiety/doubts are entirely expected. Trust me when I say that it is all in your head and that YES you actually are pin skinny and beautiful. You'll look great!

Practicing Idealist said...

Thank you both! It's so nice to hear encouraging words.