Friday, June 22, 2007

I'll Let This Speak for Itself

I just got an email in my inbox. The subject line read "Drop 12 pounds by Monday." I am really glad that our society is not at a loss for excellent messages like this:

The Momentum 2-Day Slim Down In
2 days, you could experience: Safe dramatic fat loss of up to 6 to 12
pounds or more An even slimmer you dropping inches from your waist
An amazing decrease in your craving for "junk foods" Natural detox
and cleansing: a vacation for your body A boost of natural energy
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Drek's Soon to be Former Officemate said...

I think my favorite part of the ad is that this is framed as "a vacation for your body A boost of natural energy" (sic).

If I wasn't fairly certain that it is in fact horribly unsafe, and just a generally bad idea, I'd try it. Y'know, just to see what "a vacation for my body" felt like.


Rodrigo said...

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Practicing Idealist said...

A "vacation for my body" sounds appealing to me, too. But I think it's also a sign you've been in graduate school too long when getting a vacation for the body consists of a pill, rather than an escape to a beautiful beach destination...