Monday, July 16, 2007

8 Random Facts

Tom has tagged me with my very first blogging meme. I'm kind of excited about being noticed enough to be tagged with a meme, but that might be the same fleeting-type of excitement run into when first added to somebody's email forward list, only to rue the experience later. However, I do appreciate the gesture.

Here are 8 random facts about me:

1) I have played the piano since I was 5, and have sung in numerous choirs and a cappella groups since the 4th grade. Although these loves have not been pursued much since graduate school, I once dreamed of singing on Broadway when I was in high school.
2) I once drove Michael Stipe's red Volvo 240 station wagon (oxidizing paint and all) - for those who are curious, it smelled like the flower section of a craft store. And, for reasons listed in #3, I was significantly less nervous about driving Stipe's car than I might have been otherwise.
3) My family has always driven Volvos. I currently drive a Volvo 240 sedan, my mother drives a 240 station wagon, and my father drives a 740. I expect the trend to stop soon, since cars are now much safer than they once were (my father used to be an emergency physician, and had good reasons for keeping us in bullet-proof tanks).
4) After college, I drove across the country a couple times (in my Volvo). Once, I stayed in a "hostel" in Memphis. This hostel was actually one bedroom of a duplex, run by a man named Patch, a burly fellow with a long blond ponytail and (you guessed it), an eye patch. There is much more that could be said about that experience, but we'll leave it at this for now.
5) If stranded with only one meal selection for the rest of my life, the menu would read: steamed artichokes, crusty sourdough french bread, Fontina cheese, an excellent bottle of Chardonnay, and Swiss chocolates. Mmmm.....
6) I was just given the most amazing late anniversary present! - a planter box filled with potting soil, two types of flowers and a strawberry plant. I'm about to go out and plant the following: basil, oregano, rosemary, parsley, a jalapeno pepper plant, and tomatoes. We'll see if I can achieve 10% of the green thumb my mother has.
7) My hair is a mystery color. Sometimes it is classified as blonde, sometimes as brown, sometimes as red. I just think it changes with the lighting and my outfit. The sun also contributes from time to time - in the summer it's usually much blonder than usual.
8) If I could be anything I wanted to be right now, I'd go to work for National Geographic as a photographer.

That's it! I'm supposed to tag 8 people. I'll tag half that many, and leave it to the more established bloggers to tag more: TDEC, Beth, Slag, and Drek.


Tom Bozzo said...

While this does put you under the heading of "bloggers I 'know' who will do the occasional meme," fortunately (for both of us), it's not like I'm either barraged with them or inclined to pick them up out of the wild and start spreading 'em around. (If only there were an easy way to break the news about e-mail forwards to my grandmother.)

Current Volvos may not be the safest cars on the road any more -- as you note, the market has caught up with them -- though I was impressed that the '97-vintage S40 (not Volvo's finest hour) still put in a four-star performance on the EuroNCAP crash test, back when a lot of upscale cars had no better than middling performance on offset-crash tests.

TDEC said...

Remind me to bring you Belgian chocolates next time I see you. I promise you will never go back.

Practicing Idealist said...

Tom - Yes, I agree that Volvo is no longer the best safety option. I think this is a combination of all car companies adopting better/newer technology, and the sale of Volvo to Ford (although my fiancee would disagree with me on this point). I've been quite impressed lately with Toyota and Honda, and we'll likely purchase our next car from one of these two companies.

TDEC - I'm going to hold you to the chocolate! : )

Brad Wright said...

Fun answers to this meme... I especially like the only one meal answer. Good stuff.

I was curious enough with the hair color to click on the link... is that your hair? Wow! That's cool.

I'm getting to the age where I dont' color or do anything else to it for fear that it will fall out and not grow back.

Practicing Idealist said...

Brad, no that's not my real hair (fortunately). And I've never actually died my hair any color (another fun fact). I'm glad you liked the post!