Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin

So, I have talked/listened to reactions of Sarah Palin's candidacy from democrats. The overwhelming response at the beginning was bewilderment, then a kind of jubilation given her inexperience. My reaction progressed in much the same pattern, but this morning my feelings are different. I am now frightened.

Reports on NPR suggest that Palin's candidacy is really energizing the social conservatives, who, as a group have been lukewarm to McCain. Palin, who is pro-life, opposed to anything but abstinence-only sex education, pro-drilling in ANWAR, anti-polar bear, and advocates teaching intelligent design in public schools, is the social conservative dream come true. This means that the evangelicals might come out to vote in the numbers that helped tip the scales in George W. Bush's favor in the last election.

So, yes, I am frightened. Granted, the vice presidency is typically not the most powerful position in the land. But McCain is OLD, and he's only getting older. If he becomes president, and then suffers health problems, Palin would become president. And that's a thought that should scare all of us who care about the separation of church and state and the environment, if nothing else.

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