Friday, January 9, 2009

Airplane Etiquette and the TSA

On our recent trip across the country, I was seated next to a small, talkative woman in her fifties wearing a Christmas turtleneck. She looked the part of a kindly mother, but her choice of vocabulary as she regaled the trials of traveling across the country for work quickly changed my impression. Here was a kindly little sprite with quite a strong potty mouth! I made polite conversation with her for awhile, but then begged off to get some rest. Thus, you can imagine my surprise when I groggily awoke to find her painting her nails in the airplane. Yes, folks, painting her nails in the airplane!*

There are obviously questions of airplane etiquette here. And I'm also wondering how/if the Transportation Security Administration determines whether the 1 oz. containers of liquid people are bringing on planes are flammable or not.

*To be fair, she was painting them a nice shiny cherry red to go with her Christmas turtleneck, and they looked very pretty.

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