Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today was the last day of class, and my students applauded at the very end.*

It's a good day.

*I must say thank you to my husband for not telling me, "I told you so" when I recounted this story to him earlier. I've been stressing all semester about whether I was teaching a good class or not, and he's had the unenviable job of reassuring me. Well, apparently he was right that I'm a good teacher (or else I'm really good at fooling my class ; ).


TDEC said...


Practicing Idealist said...

Thanks, TDEC!

s said...

uh--there's no doubt here. SERIOUSLY--was there any doubt??

Practicing Idealist said...

Thanks, s, but you know we're talking about me...doubt is the constant monkey on my back. But I'm trying to work on it ; ).