Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Bruise

This morning I have a new bruise on my right knee, and a slightly bruised ego. Apparently, while I'd like to tell myself I'm good in an emergency, when it comes to huge Doberman Pinscher puppies (keep in mind that this "puppy" was half of my size) running towards me and my fiance's dog clumsily, I completely freak out.

In this particular case, I backed up as quickly as possible, and kept shouting "Please get your dog, please get your dog." This was all happening as (1) the owners of said Doberman Pinscher (Ronan, I later learned) were desperately trying to retrieve their dog (who was not aggressive, just extremely curious, as most puppies are), (2) our dog (imagine this dog about 15 lbs. heavier - our dog is also part Aussie Shepherd) was starting to get aggressive (probably in part because she's missing a back leg and a huge dog was running at her, in part because she sensed my distress, and in part because she's just a "pissy little dog," as my fiance would say), (3) and a random passerby was also trying to get a hold on Ronan.

All of this was over quite quickly, but it was stressful enough that I started to cry when it was all over. Not big gushing tears, but I felt kind of foolish, nonetheless - especially since Ronan's owners were so distraught at having caused me stress. They offered to get me something to drink and the random passerby put a comforting hand on my shoulder. Meanwhile, Casey, our little crazy aggressive dog, was acting very friendly (which she usually doesn't, as our friends can attest) - she's sometimes quite good at impression management.

I have hope that the rest of the day will be a bit calmer.*

*As a side note, I really wish I were at the place in that picture right now, instead of the summer heat!

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