Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gender Relations and Vanilla Ice

Last week, my fiance (D.t.U.) and I (P.I.) were discussing how men and women sometimes communicate quite differently. Here is the scene:

P.I.: So, my friend Tess just wanted her boyfriend to listen to her feelings, and he kept wanting to fix things. I think that happened a lot in the beginning of our relationship, but you really worked hard to just listen to me sometimes, and I worked hard to express that I just needed you to listen sometimes.
D.t.U: I think that's true. I also make sure to ask if I can offer advice before I do.
P.I.: Yeah, you're awesome.
D.t.U.: "If you have a problem, yo' I'll solve it. Check out the groove while the d.j. revolves it." (He then proceeded to pull out his best early-90s dance moves.)

I guess Vanilla Ice* was socialized to have traditional gender roles after all...who'd figure? You can check it out for yourself below.

*For the record, I have no idea why I used to think this guy was cool. Ah, high school.


monsoon said...

I've never thought about working Vanilla Ice lyrics into a conversation!! Too funny. BTW, thanks for the video clip. It was whack!

Anonymous said...

It shames me to admit that I've been to a Vanilla Ice concert. Although, at the time, the shame was that I fell asleep halfway through...

Funny, how what was once shameful can later be claimed as a source of pride.

Brad Wright said...

I'm very impressed that he could pull out Vanilla Ice lyrics...

Practicing Idealist said...

Monsoon - Indeed, the video was totally whack!

Anomie - I think it IS a source of pride that you fell asleep in the concert, although at the time I'm sure your friends weren't very forgiving.

Brad - I was surprised too. I'm usually the one who spouts random song lyrics.