Monday, October 1, 2007

Today I Smell Like Soup, or...Wickedly Bad Cliche Day

Today is Monday, October 1st. I am currently 28 years old, and will be for the next 4 days. I am also currently unmarried, and will be for the next 19 days. Much is changing in addition to the rather un-momentous birthday and the wedding, but it's better not to summon the demons by speaking of them. Let's just say that if someone were to give me one of those questionnaires that asks about all the current stressors in your life, I'd have a score off the charts. This is probably why my mom's advice to "Take a deep breath" yesterday just didn't seem like it was going to cut it.

But I do think laughter can. So I guess it was fate that caught my foot in the cord of my laptop today, while I was trying to talk to my officemate and eat a bowl of Trader Joe's ramen. The ramen cascaded out of the bowl onto my office chair, the floor, and my pants. The computer, luckily, was not splattered with the hot soup, and I was not burned. It was all rather comical in retrospect, and it gave me a catchy title for this blog post.

More importantly, although taking a deep breath seems a little shallow (pun intended), the soup experience helped me to remember, quite zen-like I might add, that there are very few things in life that we can control, and nor should we try to control everything (I mean seriously - have you ever tried to control when you're going to spill something?). Additionally, although I currently smell like soup, and although this is a horrible cliche, this too shall pass.


TDEC said...

Weddings are bad enough without other stressors. I know that people telling you that things will be ok doesn't help. Trust yourself though. You have all the skills you need. Oh, and speaking for myself, I know it pays to make time to a) have a long bath and b) sleep. Not sleeping makes everything else twice as hard. Though of course stress makes sleep hard. In retrospect, I should probably have taken something to help me sleep. I usually detest sleep aids, but these are special circumstances. Anyway, what do I know. For all I know you may be sleeping ten hours.

Practicing Idealist said...

Thanks, TDEC! I haven't been sleeping enough, and the fiance keeps waking up at 4:30 - ugh. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

kristina b said...

Heya. What a strange thing in common we have...

When I was your age (a scant few years ago), I: got married, moved to a new city & made the decision to switch careers.

I have to be honest. I don't really recommend doing all that at once. For some reason, it didn't occur to me that it might be difficult. On the bright side, I have survived, and so will you :)

Good luck!! I realize this post is a bit old, so you're that much closer.

Practicing Idealist said...

kristina b: thanks for the words of encouragement! @e're on our way to the big day this Saturday.