Wednesday, October 3, 2007


On the up side, I just won the UK National Lottery!!! Here's what the email said:

Dear Winner, Your ticket number:56475600545 188 with Serial number 5368/05, drawlucky number: 29 Congratulations, you have just won yourself £500,000 in the satellite software email lottery conducted by UK NATIONALLOTTERY inwhich e-mail addresses are picked randomly by software powered bythe Internet.Your email address was amongst those chosen this quarterand you are to contact our Financial Controller for Clearance. Here arethe contact info: CLAIMS AGENTMr.Gray SpencerEmail:agentgrayspencer334@gmail.comyou are to forward the following details to enable us clear your file for immediate payment: Full Names: __Address: __Age: __Sex: __Marital Status: __Occupation: __Phone numbers: __Fax number: __Country: __Yours faithfully, UK NATIONAL LOTTERYUNITED KINGDOM.

It is certainly my lucky day. And yes, I am feeling bitter.

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monsoon said...

Lucky Ducky you are!!! I was just talking with Anomie the other day about my divide with our state lottery. The hubby does audits there so it is now a misdemeanor for me to play (not that I did anyway, but crap-- now I want to).