Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dissertation Hell

So, the name of this blog is appropriate today. I am in the midst of unraveling; the song "Running to Stand Still" comes to mind.

Today the problem is with the Institutional Review Board, wielders of considerable power and condescension. Namely, they said I could do something last spring that they are now recanting, which will cause a 10 fold increase in the time it will take me to collect data.

I should have never decided to do research on a protected population of human subjects. Canned data sets are looking very appealing right about now.


Anonymous said...

Those ill-beseen, impudent, indolent, infernal IRB ninnies are such incarnate fiends that they should all be blasted off into the horizon!

Good luck with the dissertation.

kristina b said...

Ahh anomie has beaten me here and come up with a much more hilarious comment than I possibly could. Drat.

I hope it works out for you!