Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun Political Meme

I found this political meme over on Sassafras Junction. My own meme for my as-yet-unborn children follows. I'd love to hear yours.

How to Name Your Offspring the Palin Way!

1. your favorite sport (Track)
2. the city, no, body of water near where you grew up (Bristol)
3. the city in which or nearby you currently live (Willow)
4. cool name, of which there are not many, or, alternately, your favorite bird (Piper)
5. something out of Norse mythology, or favorite school subject (Trig)

My Meme

1. Badminton (seriously, I really like this sport, and they LOVE this sport in China, so much so that FedEx uses badminton players in its ads)
2. Lake of the Pines (this would get really old, really fast)
3. Lansing (everything's just better there)
4. Oriole (although Titmouse is a close second)
5. Frigg (not the prettiest name, but it means beloved, which is nice)


Anonymous said...

If you have twins, I vote for the duo of Frigg and Titmouse!

Thanks for the shout out. :)

bookmobile said...

Badminton? Really? Huh...you learn something new every day.