Monday, September 28, 2009

All the good boys, baby they're in grad school...

My husband and I recently purchased the latest Vienna Teng album, Inland Territory.* We listened to the entire album on our way to go apple picking this past weekend, and one song in particular caught our attention.

Grandmother Song relates a message from grandmother to granddaughter about love, life, and generally making use of the advantages females have now that they did not have in the past. Two lines were particularly amusing to us:
All the good boys, baby they're in grad school
Followed several stanzas later by:
How you gonna raise a family when you're on the road
With some tattooed boy with a guitar
When we figured out what she was saying, we erupted in laughter. The song hits very close to my early experiences in graduate school, tempted by the "boy with a guitar," but knowing deep down that the good boy (the best boy) was right next to me in graduate school. I'm so glad I figured that one out.

*Teng is amazing pianist, in addition to being an excellent vocalist.

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