Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breathe, Practicing Idealist, Breathe

On Friday (after my students' exam had begun) -
Student: "Dear professor - I am home sick. Can I take the exam on Monday?"
Me: "Yes. Let me know when you would like to take it. You can take it any time between 11 and 4."

On Saturday - NOTHING

On Sunday - NOTHING

On Monday during class -
Student: "Can I take the exam at 4:00?"
Me: "Yes."

On Monday at 4:30 -
Me: "Dear Student, you are now past the time you said you would be here to take the exam. You MUST make it up on Wednesday between 11 and 4, or I will not allow you to make it up."

On Tuesday - NOTHING

Today, after failing to show up for class -
Student: "I'm sorry I wasn't in class. Can I take the test at 4?"
Me: "Yes, but I'm leaving at 5:00."

Today at 4:30 -
Student: "I'm here to take the test. I'll take it until you have to leave at 5:00."
Me: "No, I'll give you full time to take the exam, but we need to talk when you're finished."



Aftersox said...

You are far too forgiving.

Practicing Idealist said...

I know, Aftersox. This is typically my pattern with students. I think I feel like I need to be particularly lenient with this student (although I want to make it clear that I would act the same way with ANY of my students - I just feel a little differently about this one) because he comes from a disadvantaged background, and I really want him to succeed - especially since I'm teaching race and ethnicity this semester. BUT, this is something I struggle a lot with. I'm well aware that coddling students will not prepare them for the "real" world, but my status as a liberal sociologist makes it hard for me to overlook structural factors. It's quite the conundrum.